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Our phone cases are fun, modern, and stylish! They look great on your phone and make perfect gifts for your friends and family.


This design is available for the following Samsun models:

 Samung Galaxy S3    Samung Galaxy S4    Galaxy S5    Galaxy S6   Note 2/3/4

Each case has access ports and buttons for your phone. The design is printed using special inks and a heat transfer mthod to provide a beautiful gloss and finish.

This is not a sticker or vinyl. Each case is handmade by our and customizable


1. PLASTIC - slim plastic case (black ,white,Clear ) that snaps onto your phone and covers mainly the sides of your phone.

2. RUBBER - firm rubber case (black ,white,Clear ) that covers the sides of your phone with a small lip that covers the front of your phone.


1. Choose your PHONE AND CASE TYPE from the drop down menu.

2. Choose your CASE COLOR from the drop down menu.

This is the color of the outer edge/rim of the case.

The case color does not affect the color of the design.


1. if the case need a monogram,or need customization, please contact us via

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